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You are probably comfortably settled in your work. The world is full of surprises

and challenges and is ever asking for new talents and expertise. In that search, you need to keep your eyes and ears open to the changes required. There should not be an impulsive reaction to the changes. In fact what is needed is proactive analysis, involvement and adaptation. 

We at CPRO always look at proactive engagement and that is why we say “We build Career’s Proactively”. We emphasize you to take up a work, which you would love and like to do for many years of your life time. If you are not in such a position, please change as early as possible, if it is not too late. You will realize soon that you are happy to do work which you love, even if it is monotonous and less paid. Remember the ones which pay more or is comfortable may not last long.

We offer assessment on your Aptitude, Attitude and other skills and guide through a career path. The domain trainings which we impart are Niche and future oriented to take you up the career ladder. You can call us for an appointment and visit us to move forward. Our programs, USP’s and counseling will surely take you on your required career path.

Employees can choose DRP,SRP or LRP. Perhaps each individual would be willing to take up leadership skills [LRP] or is necessary to take it sometime as they mature, in the Corporate world. DRP / SRP is to enhance the Domain or Software skills.

Professionals can take up

  • Career enhancement program’s
  • Specialized skills

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