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Programming Subject Name Topic Title
1 SELENIUM Selenium - Table of Content
2 SELENIUM Introduction to Software Testing
3 SELENIUM Introduction to Automation Tool - Selenium
4 SELENIUM Selenium - Software Installation Setup
5 SELENIUM Selenium - Java Introduction
6 SELENIUM Invoking Different Browser
7 SELENIUM Locating GUI Elements
8 SELENIUM Automation Framework
9 SELENIUM Data Driven Framework
10 SELENIUM Modular Driven Framework
11 SELENIUM Hybrid Keyword Driven Framework
14 SELENIUM Cucumber
15 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux-Operating System Introduction
16 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux - File System
17 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux General purpose utilities
18 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux - Bourne Shell
19 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux VI Editor
20 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux Programming Shell
21 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux _ advanced filter
22 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux Simple Filters
23 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux - Filter Final
24 Linux Admin plus Scripting Data base file for Shell Programming
25 Linux Admin plus Scripting Shell Programming total
26 Linux Admin plus Scripting Linux - Excel command list1
27 CORE JAVA Introduction to JAVA
28 CORE JAVA JAVA Environment Setup
29 CORE JAVA Operatorsin JAVA
31 CORE JAVA FunctionsinJAVA
33 CORE JAVA OOPS Example Programs
34 CORE JAVA ConstructorinJAVA
35 CORE JAVA Packages in Java
36 CORE JAVA Exception Handling in Java
37 CORE JAVA Constructor in Java
38 CORE JAVA CH9_ExceptionHandlingin JAVA
39 CORE JAVA Multithreading in Java
40 CORE JAVA Arrays and Strings
42 C-Programming dfsdfsd
43 C-Programming IntroductiontoC
44 C-Programming Structure of C Program
45 C-Programming Operators in C
46 C-Programming Decision Making Statement
47 C-Programming Looping Statement
48 C-Programming User Defined Functions
49 C-Programming Structure and Union
50 C-Programming Pointers in C
51 C-Programming File Handling in C Program
52 C-Programming C Sample program
53 Basic C Programming Step1:Vocabulary of C Programming
54 Basic C Programming Step2: Environment to write Program
55 Basic C Programming Step 3: Running C program on Unix System
56 Basic C Programming Step4: Explanation about C program Itself
57 Basic C Programming Step 5: Standard input and output library.
58 Basic C Programming Step 6: Communication data between functions
59 Basic C Programming Step 7: Escape sequence -hard to type or invisible character
60 Basic C Programming Linux - Simple filter
61 Basic C Programming Linux - Simple Filter final

Personality Development Subject Name Topic Title
1 Personality Development Table of Content

Technology Subject Name Topic Title
1 Establishment of Apache KAFKA The Kafka
2 BIGDATA - Hadoop Setup the Linux Environment for Hadoop Establishment
3 BIGDATA - Hadoop Hadoop Installation of Standalone and Pseudo Distributed Mode
4 BIGDATA - Hadoop Hadoop Multi-Node Cluster Topology
5 BIGDATA - Hadoop Installation of Ubuntu-16 Desktop
6 BIGDATA - Hadoop Apache Pig Eco-System on Hadoop
7 BIGDATA - Hadoop Making Tuples and Bags using PIG program

Testing Subject Name Topic Title
1 Manual Testing Table of Content

Job Subject Name Topic Title
1 Foot Printing and Reconnaissance Testing